Our exhibitions comprise of objects with provenance to Bangalow or the surrounding region.  Many give an insight into the social history of the region from the first settlement in the early 1890s through to current times.


To enquire about using an image please contact the museum. 


The museum is unable to provide valuations for privately owned objects, however, you may be able to find a comparable market value for your object by searching similar objects on on-line auction sites.


Information on an Object 

We may be able to provide information on an object you own however, there is a fee associated with any required research.  Please contact the museum for further information.


The museum welcomes donations of objects if they meet our Collection Policy. We would be unlikely to accept an object if we have one similar in the collection unless the object for donation is in a significantly better condition than those in the collection or where it can be proven to be owned by a prominent person or business in the region.

We do not accept objects on loan and upon donation, Heritage House becomes the rightful owner of the object. 

If you have an object you wish to donate you can download and complete the Museum Donation Form and bring the completed form with you when you come to the museum with your object. 

For more information please contact the museum using the Collection Inquiry Form. 

We do not sell objects from the collection or purchase privately-owned objects.


If you require further information on museum policies you can download a PDF version here.

Policies are currently under review.